Work-based Research Projects

Work-based Research Projects

Part of the IND Biotech’s remit is to facilitate knowledge exchange between academia and industry. The collaborative route provided by a work-based research project provides an ideal opportunity for this happen. If you are self-employed, you will want to undertake research which will be closely aligned to your business. Likewise if you are an employee it is crucial that your employer is supportive of both the research aims and the time commitment your proposed research will involve. While the primary academic focus is on your completion of an advanced piece of research, embedding this research within your place of work will contribute to the educational aim of the programme and provide potential opportunities for direct and effective knowledge exchange with your company.

There are two dissertation routes available through the IND Biotech programme:

60 Credit Dissertation – this forms the research component of the Masters (MSc), will be normally 12,000 to 15,000 words in length with a maximum of 20,000 words; if working at a rate of 10-15 hrs per week, this will take most students a year to complete.
120 Credit Dissertation - this forms the bulk of the Research Masters (MRes) and the ‘short thesis’ component of the Professional Doctorate. We anticipate that most students will take two years to complete their master’s dissertation which will be approximately 20,000 words in length.

Both dissertations build on the research proposal developed in the Research Methods module and provide structured academic support for you to carry out applied research at work. 
Milestones within both types of dissertation will be:

Further development of your research proposal
Deeper development of your literature review
Carrying out your research competently and efficiently
Evaluating your results using an appropriate statistical analysis
Presenting and discussing your findings
Producing a learned report of the investigation in the form of a dissertation in accordance with University guidelines

In working on your dissertation you will develop the advanced skills and discipline required to write a scholarly paper or report on a specified subject. The dissertation will provide the opportunity for you to specialise in a particular aspect of the discipline.