Biorefining Technologies

Complementary module starting January 2019


To provide you with in-depth knowledge of the aims, objectives and the technologies used in the biorefining of sustainable feedstocks.


The module will provide a series of units focused on:

  • thermochemical conversion
  • enzyme discovery and synthetic enzymes
  • microbe bio-prospecting
  • microbiology biotechnology
  • metabolic engineering and relating genome sequence to metabolic pathways
  • biomass pre-treatments/upstream processing
  • separation technologies
  • anaerobic digestion
  • fermentation
  • life cycle analysis
  • design and construction of an integrated biorefinery with application of green chemistry
  • chemometric data analysis
  • predicting chemical phenotype at high throughput

Learning material will be delivered through a series of recorded lectures, interviews and discussions between researchers at BioComposite Centre, SENRGy and IBERS and with industry. You will be given a reading list of ‘essential’ and recommended’ articles and books and expected to interact through forums with other students and the course tutor/researcher. You will also complete assessments which will encourage you to apply your new knowledge to real worl senarios.

Learning Outcomes

On completing this module you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a detailed fundamental and practical knowledge of Biorefining including pre-processing, processing and product isolation.
  • Evaluate the relative limitations and merits of different extraction, Microbial biotechnology & fermentation technologies
  • Assess the social and societal issues associated with the application (and non-application) of different biotechnology options, and evaluate these processes via Life Cycle Assessment
  • Communicate scientific issues to both the scientific community and other stakeholders including policy makers and the public.


UK and EU students from £750

International Students from £800 (non commercial) and from £1,363 (commercial)