This project is a collaboration between Aberystwyth University and Bangor University utilising research from both the universities and associated projects: Beacon and the Biocomposites Centre. It is being developed with funding from BBSRC

Building Qualifications

This scheme has been restructured to allow students to specialise in areas relevant to their work; and for those interested in a more research focussed Masters, we will be launching an MRes in September. Whilst it is fine to take only one or two modules for your own interest, you will need at least three to lead to a qualification. Qualifications available range from:

  • Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) – three modules - including at least 2 subject specific modules (60 credits)
  • Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) – six modules - including at least 3 subject specific modules (120 credits)
  • Master’s Degree (MSc) –  six modules - including at least 3 subject specific modules and Research Methods PLUS a 60 credit dissertation (180 credits) 
  • Research Masters (MRes) - three modules - including at least 1 subject specific module and Research Methods PLUS a 120 credit dissertation (180 credits)
  • Professional Doctorate (Prof Doc) - Builds on the MRes with an additional reseach project














Module Choices

If you are aiming for a Master's qualification or to work towards a professional doctorate, you will need to consider your module choices. The following table is a guide to MSc and MRes routes:

Please contact us if you have any questions